Industrial & Specialist Engraving

We offer our customers a range of fine engraving services using both traditional and cutting-edge techniques: precise hand engraving as well as  computerised engraving. Our highly-trained staff can work with a wide range of materials,  with skill and precision to meet the most demanding  just in time deadlines .


Our ability to offer high quality, innovative solutions to even the most specialist requirements comes down to the innovative skills of our engraving department.


Please contact us and a member of our staff will be happy to talk through your requirements.


So What is Industrial Engraving?


We offer our customers a fast and efficient, quality assured CNC Engraving Service. we can manufacture in a variety of

sandwich laminates, plastics,brass, aluminium, stainless steel, bronze, titanium, gold, silver and wood.


Engraving is the most durable and legible way of marking information and hence has a multitude of industrial applications.

Engraving materials can be selected that are suitable for high impact, wet or highly corrosive environments.



Common applications of industrial engraving:


- Asset Tags & Labels

- Component Marking

- Control Panels

- Electrical Labels

- Hydraulic Labels

- Identification Labels

- Industrial Signage

- Lift Panels

- Machine Nameplates

- Mimic Diagrams

- Reverse Engraving

- Scales & Dials

- Serial Plates & Labels

- Switch Plates

- Valve & Tag Labels

- Warning Labels

- Engraved Identification Labels











Part Marking


Use of the latest software technologies coupled with retrofitted heavy duty CNC industrial engraving machines means we can produce precise, accurate, efficient engraving every time.


This means we can produce exactly what our customers require at a fraction of the setup times and most importantly cost involved in older more antiquated manual engraving technologies.


Using these software technologies means customers can approve final artwork before any material has been cut reducing the chance of errors.


Customers can supply their own artwork or take advantage of our in-house design services.


Our Newing Hall CNC pantograph engraving machines are extremely heavy duty equipment with very low error ratios.


We offer our customers a fast and efficient, quality assured CNC Engraving Service. we can manufacture in a variety of sandwich laminates, plastics, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, bronze, titanium, gold, silver and wood.


"There is more to a company than its equipment. No matter how high tech the machines they don't operate themselves."


Our highly skilled operators, make the most of the excellent equipment at there disposal.

Control Panels & Fascias


When creating control panels above all else quality and accuracy is what is required.


Our skilled engravers have many years of experience in this part of the manufacturing industry.


Creating control panels tailored to customer requirements is made both easier and more accurate by using the very latest in CAD based engraving software.


Panels can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials from customer supplied aluminium boxes to plastic complete items made completely in house.


As well as engraving our machines have a profiling milling capability, so the whole job is done on one machine to very fine tolerances.


This procedure of course helps to reduce run time and there for in turn production costs

Tags & Labels


There are several methods for producing machines tags and labels either from:


- Durable older style rigid sandwich laminates (traditionally engraved)


- Laser etched acrylic labels


- Laser etched anodised aluminium labels


- The very latest in heat transfer dye sublimation technologies producing bright vibrate durable and cost effective label and tag solutions.

Reverse engraving for moulds.


Using the latest CAD engraving software, even the most complicated stamps for the moulds can be manufactured.


From large vacuum formed moulds to push press moulds we can create what ever you require.


Whether is a press mould for rubbers, tin , wire reels, cans or seals you can trust in the services from Amethyst

Scales & Dials


Probably one of the hardest jobs in the engraving industry mainly because of the old technologies that some engraving companies still insist of using, not for us again this is where investing in the very best software and hardware combinations pays off to you the customer in quality and turnaround.


The software we utilise boasts the best accuracy in the industry meaning production of scales and dials is a task we gladly undertake.


Are you purely an industrial Engravers?


The simple answer is no.


We enjoy the challenge of any job we undertake, whether it be

research and development work for industry, a small project for a hobbyist

or simply engraving a gift for someone to give it that special touch,

you can count on Amethyst to do its very best to ensure you get what you require.



We carry a small stock of trophies, awards and medals however with our close relationship to our suppler base we can get stock delivered from pour catalogue next day if ordered before 3pm.


Sports trophies, Generic trophies or just for fun trophies, you name it we can do it.


Laser etched glass trophies look top quality and are extremely affordable.


Resin trophies are the most common choice and have a lovely quality feel and weight to them, coupled with bespoke centre and plaque we can tailer the trophy to produce exactly the right look and feel for your presentation piece.


Medals are an extremely cost effective way of making sure all members of your team are rewarded with a little something for there efforts.

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