Co2 Laser Etching & Profiling ......


Because technology is moving at such a fast pace these days keeping up to date in you industry is vital to giving customer the full package.



This is why integrating laser engraving and profiling solutions into our workshop facilities was an absolute must as in most cases it has replaced conventional spindle driven engraving requirements.


The laser system use within Amethyst features top of the line CO2 laser diodes with the highest quality motion control systems available and is utilised for high quality engraving and cutting of:


- wood


- marble


- acrylics


- plastics


- stone


- rubbers


- fibreglass


- paper


- fabric


- leather


- acetal


- coated materials


- glass


- anodised aluminium


- stainless steel


- titanium


- corian


- cork


- teflon


- ceramics







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