Because technology is moving at such a fast pace these days keeping up to date in you industry is vital to giving customer the full package.


This is why integrating laser engraving and profiling solutions into our workshop facilities was an absolute must as in most cases it has replaced conventional spindle driven engraving requirements.


The laser system use within Amethyst features top of the line CO2 laser diodes with the highest quality motion control systems available and is utilised for high quality engraving and cutting of:


- wood


- marble


- acrylics


- plastics


- stone


- rubbers


- fibreglass


- paper


- fabric


- leather


- acetal


- coated materials


- glass


- anodised aluminium


- stainless steel


- titanium


- corian


- cork


- teflon



Part Marking


Using only the latest in Laser Etching Machines and Dynamic Software means we can produce precise, accurate, efficient Laser Etching every time.


This means we can produce exactly what our customers require at a fraction of the setup times and most importantly cost involved in older more antiquated manual engraving technologies.


Using these software technologies means customers can approve final artwork before any material has been cut reducing the chance of errors.


Customers can supply their own artwork or take advantage of our in-house design services.


Our Epilog Lasers are amongst some of the best Laser Etching machines you can buy (not cheap chinese lasers)


We offer our customers a fast and efficient, quality assured Laser Etching Service.



From Design

to Completion



Laser Etching & Cutting





"There is more to a company than its equipment. No matter how high tech the machines they don't operate themselves."


Our highly skilled operators, make the most of the excellent equipment at there disposal.

Tags & Labels


There are several methods for producing machines tags and labels either from:


- Durable older style rigid sandwich laminates (traditionally engraved)


- Laser etched acrylic labels


- Laser etched anodised aluminium labels


- The very latest in heat transfer dye sublimation technologies producing bright vibrate durable and cost effective label and tag solutions.

Scales & Dials


Probably one of the hardest jobs in the engraving industry mainly because of the old technologies that some engraving companies still insist of using, not for us again this is where investing in the very best software and hardware combinations pays off to you the customer in quality and turnaround.


The software we utilise boasts the best accuracy in the industry meaning production of scales and dials is a task we gladly undertake.


Made easy buy our laser etching equipment.


 Laser Etching
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